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We have endeavoured to answer your common questions here. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

Yale Locks As Standard

Ten years hardware guarantee, fitted for you in seven days....

High quality composite doors and side panels...

Supplied and fitted, guarantee with all our composite doors...

Quality composite side panels to match...

We can supply and fit matching side panels to the same high quality as our composite doors....

Energy certificate as standard with every composite door...

Rotherham Composite Doors supply an energy certificate with every composite door....

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Quality composite doors measured, supplied and fitted in Rotherham and surrounding area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you charge for delivery ...?
  2. Will you measure my door ...?
  3. Can I change my mind ... ?
  4. What about guarantees ...?
  5. What is an Energy Certificate ...?
  6. Do you have a brochure...?
  7. Do you do Arched frames...?

Do you charge for delivery... ?

  • Delivery is included in the price we quote for our composite doors.
  • We will bring the door to you on the day we have arranged to fit your door, or arrange for your door to be delivered directly to you, whichever is the most convenient for you.
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Will you measure my door ... ?

  • Yes, we insist on measuring each door we fit.
  • This ensures that no mistakes are made and your door will fit properly.
  • It also means that you carry no responsibility and is part of our service.
  • Site surveys are, of course, included in the price we quote for our doors.
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Can I change my mind ?

  • Once your door has been ordered and paid for, we have a very small window to change your order. This is necessary because of the speedy construction and delivery times.
    We can deliver in as little as 3 days so we must get a move on.
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What about guarantees ... ?

  • All our composite doors carry a full guarantee against workmanship and a ten year manufacturers guarantee.
    In the unlikely event that you have a problem simply give us a call, we will do the rest.
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What is an Energy Certificate ... ?

  • New energy regulations for doors mean all door manufacturers and resellers will have to prove their doors' compliance.
    Neither building control nor homeowners will automatically just take companies word on it.
    A generic certificate for certain door 'types' may not suffice either.
    Using a calculation method verified by the Building Research Establishment and BFRC each and every one of our supplied composite doors comes with a unique energy rating certificate.
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Do you have a brochure ... ?

  • Yes we supply a digital Pdf brochure which you can download from our Home page.
    you may save the brochure and print it if you wish.
  • We also provide a hardware brochure and a glazing brochure for you convenience. Each brochure is downloadable from the individual page.

Do you do Arched frames...

  • Yes, we can accommodate arched frames into your door, delivery takes a little longer.
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